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                        MBHS Darlinghurst Old Boys' Union Executive   2012         

  Chairman   Kym Derriman Tel: 02-9311 3344
  Acting President   Mark Sinclair  
  Secretary   Larry Hensby  
  Treasurer   Bill Halcro Tel: 02-9661 7710
 Marist Executive   Br. Paul Murphy  
  Advisor to the Executive   John Chippendale  


Following the school's Centenary Luncheon on July 11, 2011, there was some confusion about the status of the Old Boys Union.  The Marist Brothers High School Old Boys Union still exists. It’s official. The OBU was neither dissolved nor wound up on July 11, 2011. Fortunately, due to a simple error, the decision to dissolve it was not only unconstitutional but legally invalid.

Much to the surprise of some of our most dedicated Old Boys, who faithfully served the OBU Executive, it has been confirmed that, on a technicality, they - with all the 2011 officials of the MBHSD_OBU - still remained as such: i.e. members of the Executive and that the Old Boys' Union was not, in fact, wound up. It is understandable however, that when they advised of their retirement from their respective positions, they deservedly intended to retire.  

The issue is that: Point 3 of the Agenda of the Special General Meeting of July 11, 2011 states   “Failing the approval of the above (i.e. previous 2 Points), to accept the resignations of current OBU executives as advised on the day.” Given that there was approval of both of the previous 2 Points, (not a failing to get approval) the resignations of the (then) current OBU executives was not up for acceptance. The previous 2 points which were approved (i.e. Point 1 “To consider a proposal to merge the MBHSD OBU with the Marist College Pearce OBA ...” was approved and Point 2 “To approve the establishment of a perpetual part Bursary …" was also approved.

Following this confusion, a meeting of our most senior OBs was convened in April, 2012 to discuss the status and future of the OBU.  Opinions were received from 3 lawyers which were unanimous, two of which were from Old Boys. One emanating from the meeting last month of senior Old Boys, that the decision to dissolve the OBU was not valid, was consistent with that emanating from the other two lawyers, that the decision was “legally invalid”.

With the clarification of the status of the OBU, Mark Sinclair, as Vice President, formally became (Acting) President as the previous President, Warren Thomas, affirmed his resignation. Larry Hensby, Secretary, confirmed that he would continue in his current position. Vin Hallinan advised of his retirement as Treasurer. Subsequent appointments were made: Br. Paul Murphy as Marist Executive; Kym Derriman as Chairman;  Bill Halcro as Treasurer; John Chippendale and Ron Young as Advisors to the Executive.

 #  Mark Sinclair (Acting President), Larry Hensby (Secretary) and John Chippendale (Adviser to the Executive)have all been on the Old Boys Union Board for over a decade.

Br. Paul Murphy carries on the legacy of his own brother, Br. John Murphy, the last headmaster at MBHS Darlinghurst. Br. John continued his commitment on the Board of the Old Boys' Union until the time of his death.

The Old Boys’ Union continues with what many fine men have given, namely  an abundance of creative time and effort to ensure, for over a century: that the OBU prevails, to support Marist causes and the Old Boys' fraternity.


The first Old Boys' Union luncheon after the resolution of the status of the OBU in 2012.


The Old Boys' Union would like to acknowledge the contributions of several of our most dedicated members, who have served on the OBU Executive for over a decade:

Br. Charles Aquilina

Warren Thomas

Larry Hensby

Mark Sinclair

Vin Hallinan

John Chippendale